AUGURIES & MATTER 22.03.2019


I’ve always wanted to bury large pieces of canvases into the earth, plunge them into iron-oxide rich brooks and drag them through dirt.  I am a mark making artist, with some vision and control.  My pre-Jordan exhibition at the Haarlem Artspace UK alongside Olivia Punnett, was an exercise of mark making in preparation for my residency in Jordan.




I am spending 10 days in Jordan. 4 in Amman to buy materials, the rest in Madaba, where I will drive around Jordan and make art. I will be documenting the areas around Jordan, using these inspired observations to form the majority of my work.  So far I have collected the materials needed from Amman, the capital, and taken as much information from the area as I can.  Here I purchased canvas (10 meter roll) and natural dyes as Turmeric and blue synthetics from the fabric warehouses here in Amman.  Getting hold of natural Indigo was harder than I thought!  I am now in Madaba, where I have started to make my work, with the help from Mohammad the Bedouin Taxi driver! I really love the marks made by non artistic means!  Mohammad was having fun helping.

I wanted to make the majority of my work at the Baptist site (Jesus Baptist site) but it was too controlled, and I was’nt allowed the freedom to move around the site to make my work.  So, off to the Dead Sea I went.  I made my work here, which turned out better in some ways, as I was given the added ingrediant of the Dead Sea Mud! Turmeric, the salt waters of the Dead Sea and its mud.  It was a good day!  Then back to Madaba to hang out the canvasas to dry, which is taking days to do as the salt in the canvas is attracting to unwanted attention of the moisture and humidity in the air!

Clay Smith in Jordan 2019